Presentations in 2004

March 2004:  "International Workshop on Implementation and operation of municipal wastewater reuse plants, Thessaloniki, Greece  by Theo Claassen (link to the conference)

June 3, 2004: the second Leading-Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies,  download the paper, download the presentation and the sheets used during the discussion

July 29, 2004: a special Waterharmonica session on the 7th Intecol Conference on Wetlands in Utrecht

September 30, 2004: keynote speech on the NVA & IWA - Upgrading Waste Water Treatment Plants, Aquatech, Amsterdam (link)

October 29, 2004: EAWAG-seminar "Urban water management in transition", EAWAG, Zurich, Switzerlandą , presentation available through: EAWAG_presentation_Waterharmonica, (link to Freitags Seminarien)


Presentations in 2005

January 24, 2005: A digital tool to monitor population dynamics development of counting methods for Daphnia populations and possible use for other organisms, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam: link

Februari 6, 2005: De voordelen van poep, "poep is pas vies als iemand anders er met zijn handen aan gezeten heeft", lezing in het Museum Joure: sheets

April 13 and 14, 2005: International Workshop Purification of Interreg Urban Water Cycle project,  The Netherlands:   Introduction by Theo Claassen in Leeuwarden and Presentation by Ruud Kampf in Den Helder, before the Texel visit

April 22, 2005: PAO-cursus Stikstofverwijdering uit afvalwater, Stichting Postacademisch Onderwijs PAO-TU-Delft, les: Stikstofverwijdering in natuurlijke systemen en de Waterharmonica (in Dutch), (link to PAO)

May 2, 2005: Venice University, an overview of the Waterharmonica and the Grickleback process: the complete presentation of a two hour college

May 19, 2005: PAO-cursus "Meer dan effluent", Stichting Postacademisch Onderwijs PAO-TU-Delft, les: "Van efflluent naar oppervlaktewater", (in Dutch), (link to PAO)

July 11, 2005: The presentation by Chanzi Hamidar, a Tanzanian student Saxion University, Deventer about possible values of the Waterharmonia in Tanzania: sheets

October 21, 2005: a workshop on the Empuriabrava constructed wetland in Spain: link to the workshop


Presentations in 2006

January, 2006: presentation of two posters during first Annual Meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists – Europe  “Integrating our approaches to Wetland Science”the in Bangor, Wales: link

February 6, 2006: Enkele presentaties in Grou, Fryslan: Grou, 6 februari 2006

March 29, 2006: Pers bijeenkomst over Lepelaars, Natuurmonumenten: Water voor natuur op Texel

April 6, 2006:  “The Waterharmonica - ecological engineering" IWE Seminar Series “Water and Health”, Wageningen, 6 April 2006


Presentations 2007

March 16, 2007: Presentation at University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: link

May 30, 2007: PAO-cursus Natuurlijke nazuivering van effluent: link

October 2007: IWA conference Wastewater reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability, Antwerp link


Presentations 2008

January 11, 2008: Biologische waterzuivering – de oxydatiesloot, geschiedenis met een grote toekomst,  "Vakantiecursus" ’WATER AND SANITATION FOR ALL’ : presentatie link en artikel in Afvalwaterwetenschap link

September 29, 2008: Re-Thinking Wastewater Landscapes: Constructed Wetlands for Urban-Ecological Mutualism Brooke Ray Smith, University of California, Berkeley at Waternet: link

September 30, 2008: Conference Millennium Development Goals on Sanitation 30 September and 1 October 2008, International Water Association (IWA, Royal Netherlands Waternetwork and Aquatech): link

October 23, 2008: Wetland treatment use of contructed wetlands to upgrade effluent quality, workshop EU-Neptune proejct, Varna, Bulgaria, 23rd October 2008: link

December 1, 2008: “Van effluent tot bruikbaar oppervlaktewater” - Presentatie en Workshop in de serie Kennisdagen sector Afvalwater Waternet: link


Presentations 2009

January 7, 2009: From waste water to a usable surface water Practical aspects of sustainable water management, Saxion University, Deventer Env. Science & Technology, Civil Engineering en Urban and Regional Planning: link

March 26, 2009: Jornada R+D a la Costa Brava: A day on research on water reuse in the Costa Brava:link

March 30, 2009: From waste water to a usable surface water some practical aspects of sustainable water management, class for Master students at University of Girona: link

March, 31, 2009: Some examples of sustainable water management in the developing world, class for Master students at University of Girona: link

April 22, 2009: Wetland workshop: Discussion about the Waterharmonica,  EU-Neptune meeting Koblenz: link

April 24, 2009: The value of the Waterharmonica for Waternet, Amsterdam: link

May 12, 2009: Workshop “Van effluent tot bruikbaar oppervlaktewater”, rwzi Ronde Venen, Waternet, district West: link

June 18, 2009: Algen workshop Stowa: link

September 8, 2009: Excursie Noorderzijlvest naar Grou: link 

September 23, 2009: 3rd Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control WETPOL 2009, 20 - 24 September 2009, Barcelona:

November 4, 2009: WSB cursus natuurlijke zuivering, Wageningen Business School: link

November 19, 2009: Jornada "Aigua a la carta. Processos i tecnologies: L'adequació de la qualitat de les aigües als diferents usos":

November 23, 24 en 23, 2009:
Workshop Ecosanitatie in Suriname, Eenvoudige waterzuivering en gebruik van gezuiverd afvalwater, Wat te doen in aanvulling op Ecosanitatie: link to the workshop and report of the internship of Tjalling Vlieg

December 4, 2009: IEES Workshop: ‘Benefits of Ecological Engineering Practices’, Paris, France: Application of constructed wetlands to transfer treated wastewater into natural values in the Netherlands and Spain

Presentations 2010

April 19, 2010: IWA conference on Sustainable Solutions for Small Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems (S2Small2010) Girona, Spain: The oxidation ditch a simple waste water treatment process a personal history with a future (link to conference)

September 2-4, 2010:
Workshop IEES "Ecological Engineering and the Urban Landscape"

Presentations 2011

February 16, 2011: Cursus Groene Waterzuivering, Nieuwe inzichten en toepassingen, Wageningen UR Business School: Waterharmonica

April 25-28, 2011: Smallwat, Sevilla: The Costa Brava approach to the Dutch concept of Waterharmonica, by Lluis Sala, Concorci de la Costa Brava: link

November 24-26: Seoul, South Korea, International symposium on Saemangum Ecological Site Construction: Waterharmonica Ecological engineered wetlands to convert well treated waste water into usable  surface water: backgrounds and examples in The Netherlands and in Spain: link