Workshop W3~4. The Waterharmonica, over 20 years experience with Reuse of waste water through natural processes


Needed: partycipants in a Waterharmonica workshop

  • Who is working somewhere on this world on one of these topics?:

  • natural systems for wastewater reclamation

  • enhancement marshes

  • wetland treatment systems

  • natural reclamation systems

  • effluent polishing in constructed wetlands

  • wetland to accept tertiary treated wastewater

  • constructed wetlands for secondary effluent treatment and water reuse

  • reclaimed water potential for aquatic ecosystem restoration or recreation

  • free water surface wetlands for tertiairy wastewater treatment

  • constructed surface flow wetlands treating effluent from wastewater treatment plants  

  • Or simply called a Waterharmonica.... ???

And who is going to attend or willing to attend the 10th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference in Changshu? China 19-24 September, 2016: link


On Friday 23 September 2016 we will organise the workshop W3~4. The Waterharmonica, over 20 years experience with Reuse of waste water through natural processes: link.  


See for more info this Waterharmonica presentation in Singapore, 29 May 2014: link

And the booklet Waterharmonicas in the Netherlands (1996-2012): link

The conclusions at the end of the Waterharmonica workshop during the 7th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference in Utrecht in 2004 bring the Waterharmonica in a wider perspective:

Waterharmonica is:

polishing and reuse of waste water

integrating waterchain and watersystem

using ecological engineering concepts

wise use of water and nutrient resources, achieve sustainable development while maintaining viable ecosystem functions

wastewater has to be managed using a catchment and ecosystem approach

providing a contact network of scientists and practitioners promoting this approach

And now,  twenty years of experience later, we are going to looking back on progress of this attractive wetland application



We cordially invite you to our two times two hours, double, Waterharmonica workshop.

The first part of the workshop (10:00 till 12.00) we are going to focus on over 20 years experience on practical scale in The Netherlands with the Waterharmonica, as a natural constructed wetland system to convert (well) treated wastewater into a usable surface water. The scope of this part will be on rationale, backgrounds, experiences, and practice of design.

For the second part of the workshop we are not only looking for participants of the workshop, but particularly  looking for people who actively want to play a role bring their knowledge in a market stall (15:00 till 17:00) of the workshop to sell their knowledge, to comment on the Waterharmonica. You may do that with either fierce critics, or even better support

Impression of one of the  workshop market stall during  an IEES workshop "Ecological Engineering and the Urban Landscape" in 2010: link


In the market stalls there will be a computer monitor, flip overs. Please do bring your own (make shift) posters. This not only for the stall holders, but also for the other workshop attendants.

The second part of the workshop will fluently merge into the poster session (till 19:00) is dedicated to external,  international reflection, comments from wetland colleagues.

The results of this international knowledge exchange will be published.

Taking part

When you are interested in attending the workshop,  being a market stall holder please get in touch with us:

Ruud Kampf: consultant, owner of Rekel/water,,, +31649450214. Retired  researcher Ecological Engineering, Waternet, Amsterdam

Floris Boogaard: professor spatial transformations Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen and researcher at Technical University Delft, and consultant at consulting agency Tauw., +31651556826