Yulievsky constructed wetland to upgrade sewage treatment plant effluent

Results of the PUM Missie  37633 M UE - part 1: Fact Finding Mission  

11 June – 25 June 2006

to Energoochistka,  Kharkov, Ukraine

by Ruud Kampf


with many thanks to Julia Zmuliukova for the translations, all the support and explanations of live in Ukraine


  A rather indistinct situation sketch The "constructed" wetland
  The more natural wetland "upstream of the wetland??" The wetland, more a pond
  The ladies The advisor

Text on the yellow shield: Swimming and fishing prohibited


During the visit it appeared it was virtually impossible to obtain good information about the wetland, above the laod of the STP: 800 p.e.

  Some information obtained from: PARTNERS (issued under U.S. –Ukraine Community Partnerships program)

Issue 79 (Jan.-Feb. 2006)

By Olena Golikova

Constructed wetland technology is an ecological method  for wastewater treatment viable for small populated areas. Recently Kharkiv region acquired one more constructed wetland.

The quality of the old WWTP of Yulievsky oil and gas production located at the territory of the Village Hall of Stary Merchyk village deteriorated considerably to  50 % of demand. Due to the continuous pollution, caused by the WWTP the organization has been fined by the authorities. The situation was also becoming unsafe for the village residents.

It was decided to build new treatment facilities.

Before actually starting the construction works, Energoochistka specialists were hired to carry out a series of serious experiments, from studying the geology of the pond situated downstream of the effluent discharge point” to various water samplings. Having accomplished the studies, E. specialists advised to  use  pond for after treatment  rather then plunge into constructing new treatment facilities.

The solution from Energoochistka. was to refine the pond a little bit by planting the necessary marsh plants around. The idea behind it was to intensify the purification process. Apart from attending to the water treatment issue, Energoochistka helped the client settle the legal side of the matter. The territory of the pond that was ranked as a natural object was passed to Yulievsky WWTP for permanent usage, annexing it officially to the territory of the treatment plant.

In the course of earlier practices water samplings were taken in the area before the pond, it was recommended by Energoochistka specialists to locate them at the pond’s outflow part.

Constructed wetland technology cost the WWTP 25 thousand UAH contrasting to 400 000 estimated cost of the new treatment facilities.

The situation with the Yulievsky oil and gas production is very typical for Ukraine. It is a widespread practice to go for expensive solutions in terms of water treatment for the WWTPs with the maintenance term of 10, 15 or 20 years. When the term ends considerable investments are needed again to either replace or repair the facilities. The symbiosis of the engineered extensions with the resources of the natural area the maintenance term is claimed to be several times longer. The main thing is to exploit the natural part in a reasonable way.

 Translated by Ladies translators (www.rekel.nl/ladiestranslators)